* Accepted submission format is PDF only. You must use the IEEE PDF eXpress utility (see directions below)

* Full papers: Limited to ten (10) pages in the two-column format. Papers longer than ten pages will be charged an extra page fee of $100US per page with a maximum of twelve (12) pages.

* Poster abstracts: Poster abstracts are to follow the same style guidelines as full papers, but they are limited to exactly two (2) pages. Extra pages are not permitted for poster abstracts.

* Please adhere to the following formatting guidelines:

        o Page size: US Letter

        o Two-column format.

        o Text font: 10-pt Times New Roman

        o Line spacing for body text: single-spaced

        o Caption font: minimum 6pt

        o Top margin: 0.75 inch

        o Bottom margin: 1 inch

        o Side margins: 0.625 inch

        o Graphs/tables should be readable when printed in black and white.


* Do not include page numbers on your paper.

* You may use IEEE Conference templates as long you use the conference version of the template and follow the formatting requirements above.

* Submit the Document to the IEEE eXpress Plus site by March 3, 2016.

* At least one author must pre-register for the symposium, and at least one author must attend the symposium to present the paper. Papers for which no author is pre-registered will be pulled from the proceedings.



*Steps for using PDF eXpress Plus to create the final submission file

The PDF eXpress tool allows you to create a IEEE Xplore-compliant PDF from a variety of formats (e.g. DOC and PS) or Check a PDF file. This PDF will be sent directly by the IEEE eXpress plus site to the publications chair for inclusion in the ISPASS 2016 proceedings.


THE IEEE eXpress ID:  37657XP


1. Create your manuscript following the guidelines in this email and on the ISPASS 2016 web site.


2. Go to the following website and create a IEEE  eXpress Plus Account: 


3. Upload your source file(s) for conversion:


(1) Click "Create New Title"

(2) Enter text to identify paper (e.g. title)

(3) Click "Submit Source Files for Conversion" or “Submit PDF File for Checking”

(4) Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click Browse and navigate to file, and click "Upload File". You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload.

(5) You will receive an email with your Checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress Plus-converted PDF attached. If you submitted a PDF for Checking, the email will show if your file passed or failed.


4. Carefully check your PDF. Make sure all your images are included properly. Check for stray markings from the conversion. Double-check the margins and alignment. Please don't skip this step!


5. Problems?

(1) If your files cannot be converted or the PDF fails the compliance check, you can click on the "Request Technical Help" link.

(2)If you don't like the resulting PDF, you can click on "Request a Manual Conversion".

(3) Send an email to (feel free to copy the Publications Chair) 


6. Reminder: Submit the final PDF through the IEEE eXpress Plus tool by March 3, 2016. You DO NOT need to email the PDF it will be collected from IEEE eXpress by the publications chair